What is it with BITCOIN CHART 1H?

Bitcoin. AMsadad.Com Tonight I was surprised because I overslept while trading and around 06:00 WIB in the morning,
And I see that Bitcoin on the 1H chart has gone down to support 6460 USDT Binance.
And maybe today I’m just discussing BITCOIN weekend on 1H even though Bitcoin is following the weekend.

Above is a history of Bitcoin travel at 1H USDT Binance, friends must know how to determine our advantage in selling.
Here I am a little open maybe there are those who have not been aware or negligent, but before it was predicted by us yesterday that’s right, gusy,
suspicion and caution when bitcoin rises without correction and finally me and maybe friends in the Telegram group @trader_ITC survived also hihihi.
Maybe you haven’t realized how a trader can profit and have the right predictions,
The first lesson is that you must understand your own trading style, what is it?
Actually there are lots of things so that we can quickly find out our own trading style, and here I will mention one.
But of the many ways my way of giving may be easy to understand and easy to practice.
It’s true you’re not mistaken, here I will demonstrate and be able to pre-practice how you and your heartbeat choose your trading style friends hehehe.
quite simple how to try to buy a coin cryptocurrency then start predicting it is true it can be TA or FA Nawaw xixixi.
after ENTRY buy predictions only and feel your heart vibrate there is a fear of falling or not.
if there is any (shakes of worry) then the points for researching your own trading style are close and easy to conclude.
you just try to stay after ENTRY, whether you just have coffee or you just have to play games.
if you feel uneasy and always thinking about the transactions that have been done are also afraid to go down because you already bought.
Then it is suitable for short style trading.

I proceed to the topic gusy, before entering 1H advanced predictions we must also pay attention to the 1D Bitcoin Chart.
Try to be wise in making a prediction means to understand All Time Frame before prediction.
In the picture above Bitcoin 1D I made 2 channels
1- Channel Support 1H
2- Channel 1D Support
What is the difference between Mbah amsadad.com and the same estimate?
wkwkwk yes that you think the same that I am a lot of difference.
we will discuss the 1d bitcoin channel first and this discussion to guard “means we can be vigilant if there is a reversal of the Bitcoin chart week direction.
Above, please see the transverse emmmm sea blue or sky blue color,
That is a precaution in case of a reversal in the direction where the 1d bull is now a bear,
in case if bitcoin crosses the line then the support is not strong and not worth holding, it’s easy right?

Let’s just let those who don’t understand think about my words above, who already understand further okay.
We enter the main discussion, namely the continued prediction of bitcoin 1h, yes indeed continued because this also concerns yesterday.
For the lowest bitcoin support of 1h this morning I already got bitcoin which is 8455 maybe this afternoon bitcoin will play in the 85-87k USDT binance area.
My advice if you traders today should be to read the trend, especially those who sell on the ALT coin,
Then you have to understand and compare trends in Bitcoin and ALT coins.
What if today’s bitcoin returns at the level of $ 8800 usdt Mbah amsadad.com? could it possibly continue to go up because the 1h bitcoin support level was already obtained?
The question that was okay was I was answered, Do not be influenced by the price of using the trend and the trendline to determine the price that we better go forward or backward hold the thumb click the buy or sell time.
although maybe in the afternoon bitcoin at $ 88xx level you also have to be careful, because of what?
Because on the CHANNEL BITCOIN 1D chart the support hasn’t reached the lowest point, that’s my suggestion.
if you don’t believe it please see the 1d bitcoin binance chart friend.
  • if you answer your prediction today, it’s bullish then please be careful because Bitcoin can turn around the test support of $ 8455 usdt once more,
    if it has strong support, then the mentality and reflection of SW at 87-88 are still 8k, I mean.
  • if your answer is bearish, you have to support the lowest 1d, which is 8150 USDT binance,
    then you must understand that the bullish trend of Bitcoin is not easy to fight with bears unless there is a FUD.
okay that’s all and for development, please refer to my group at telegram @trader_ITC.
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