Reasons for Bitcoin UP today

Why bitcoin rises

Why Bitcoin Goes Up Today?

Bitcoin. . Bitcoin today has made a lot of profits to traders of the crypto exchange,
Why Bitcoin Rises Today? yes later we discuss do not worry ya friend hehehe.

in Indonesia alone many and up to millions of people who take part in investing in this digital asset, if you are interested there is a suggestion I join the cryptocurrency sharing and discussion groups.
bitcoin is bullish today
Bitcoin Chart 1 Hour
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Bitcoin Price Prediction This Week
Price Prediction of Bitcoin Golden Cross
Please conclude because the prediction of long-term bitcoin prices is not daily, I mean, I have written everything with the title above.

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bitcoin is bullish today
Bitcoin Chart 1 Hour
The chart above is a bitcoin trading history every hour and of course you can already see how far or high the bitcoin price has gone up,
The rise of bitcoin from the price of 8,566 USD to 9,155 USD is very fast and only takes 24 hours, because this might be a lot of traders who have profit including me hehehe.
Daily bitcoin predictions
Bitcoin 4h
Starting from the 1h BTC chart, which is reluctant to make a bitcoin correction capable of reversing on the 4h chart, this treatment is rarely found,
However, if you look at the 1D Bitcoin chart then there are no words other than Bullish, this reason is used comeback.
Fortunately, yesterday's bitcoin correction did not have the chance to support bitcoin and finally the Reversal incident until now the price of 1d bitcoin is still in the Bullish area.
bitcoin prices today
Bitcoin 1D

Many long-time bitcoin investors have been waiting for Halving Bitcoin and this time is the right time for them to return,
Because of course they know the rise in bitcoin this time is the Golden Cross and Halving Effect Bitcoin.
Note the picture above
  • Green on the 1H chart is Bitcoin Resistance Level Today
  • Green on the 4h chart is the Bitcoin Price Resistance Level Today
  • Green on 1d is Bitcoin Resistance Level This Week
  • Red is the Bitcoin Support Level this Week
Maybe so comments about the rise of bitcoin this time and don't forget to be careful because every coin that has gone up will definitely be corrected again, just wait for the daily prediction of bitcoin on my website hehehe.
Greetings Profit AMsadad
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