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Bitcoin 1 Jam

Bitcoin. Before I begin I will be a little chatty about the prediction of bitcoin prices this week which many traders are looking for that still cannot use Technical Analysis,
For a Technical Analysis trader, knowledge must be attached or must be able to,
In addition to their Technical Analysis bitcoin traders are also required to always update news or breaking news from various bitcoin news sources.
But here I do not explain Technical Analysis (TA) or Fundamental Analysis in detail, because in the Telegram group I have often discussed it and for users groups can also discuss.
Tengtang: Bitcoin Price Predicts Bitcoin Support Bitcoin Resistance Bitcoin News Bitcoin Fud Bitcoin also Learns to Trade Bitcoin.
In the previous prediction, Alhamdulillah was successful but not enough just the day before,
because we always trade every day as a short Trader not a long or holder type Trader, therefore from that day I Update the Bitcoin Prediction.

prediksi bitcoin 1h hari ini
Harga Bitcoin 1H

If we see from the picture above we can see the price of bitcoin which from last week until now tends to go down,
However, if we look deeper into the fall in the price of Bitcoin, it is because of reasonable things like the behavior of Bitcoin before.
Discusses the behavior of bitcoin or a coin other than bitcoin which is Alt coin,
They have their own characteristics and maybe on another occasion I will touch on this issue.
We return to the picture above that the Bitcoin History Chart tends to fall. But do you know it’s an ordinary thing that we can call price correction,
So do not rule out the possibility or it could be bitcoin suddenly jumped back into bitcoin resistance today,
Moreover, the direction of the bitcoin area is still inside the Continew area at Breakout.
So my opinion for Price Prediction of 1H
Yupss ,, but I have given the picture above, you understand for my predictions about 1 hour bitcoin
The Yellow Line is the boundary line where I make it also functions as a support and resistance line.
If bitcoin comes out of the yellow line above then try and better keep hold of the open entry.
Light Blue prediction line is where the prediction allows such bitcoin direction.
If Bitcoin cannot penetrate the yellow line above or break through but bounces strongly to the original price again,
Then the reaction to breakout or bitcoin support is a clue to the beginning of the bullish bitcoin era.
But if bitcoin goes down until it crosses the yellow line and close the candle below the yellow line, DO NOT BUY BITCOIN.
Trader Short is like a pedicab driver who takes profits every day and has to trade every day.
Mid trader is a trader who takes a maximum profit of 1-2 weeks.
Long Traders are traders who take profits can be at least 1-3 months and a maximum of 1 year.
Trader Holders are those who always keep 1 coin and only save or make a sale but still in the pair of coins that they hold.
Trader Investor You can be sure at least 1 year take profit.

Bitcoin 4 Jam

The lines above are the 4-hour Bitcoin Level and Support Channel
I usually use it if I mean Altcoin. I usually use it when I sell coins other than bitcoin,
Because even though we sell the bitcoin jam we are also required to understand bitcoin as a benchmark for the movement of Altcoin.

Bitcoin Chart 1 hari

We can see the price of bitcoin for 1 day or bitcoin trend is still bullish with the state of Breakout,
But don’t be too complacent as a Technical Analysis, you also have to be able to correct and look for profit gaps (PREVENT) at the time indexed by a turnaround or a bitcoin trend reversal.
The red line is bitcoin support
The yellow line is a breakout boundary if it is off the boundary line and remains in a close candle which is positioned below the boundary line, then the sign is not good on the holder.
The Green Line is a good channel looking for profit and if it does reach the green line it does not rule out the possibility of a bitcoin correction to the 5k Usdt area price
Okay, that’s where my fingers have been typing and critics, thank you, sharing this time is useful,
and if it is lacking or wrong in my language I apologize
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