Bitcoin. The movement of Bitcoin this week was very tense until yesterday Bitcoin had dropped to touch the 1D support level of $ 8457 per Bitcoin,
So the 1D Bitcoin Support now is 8457 Usdt Binance.
And here friends may have guessed because the picture above is the essence of my explanation today.
But beforehand don’t forget yesterday we have already calculated or predicted bitcoin, the result of what is feared is indeed happening.
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Continue to the topic of Prediction of Bitcoin This Week 2020
After I watched and forgot to sleep a little tonight I found a conclusion for the direction of the movement of bitcoin this week,
please look carefully if there is a language that is wrong or incomplete friends can comment.
And this time I will use the Bitcoin 1h binance chart with three comparisons or conclusions,
so please conclude later or can ask if you don’t understand.
1h bitcoin prediction
Look at the picture above, we can conclude the movement of bitcoin is almost the same as its history, if you do not believe, see the picture above right in the white circle that I made wkwkwk.
With MDema 50-200 I usually use every time I trade, he explained, for the 1h bitcoin chart this time it was still in the era of price correction.
Bitcoin could have gone up even though MDema 50-200 was in a state of price correction and could have been forced up but it’s rarely found,
Support And Resistance Bitcoin today
Resistance: Bitcoin Price $ 8800-8932 Usdt binance
Support 1d: Bitcoin Price $ 8457 Usdt binance
Support 1w: Bitcoin Price $ 8150 Usdt binance
Bitcoin predictions like the picture above clarify the initial bitcoin prediction pattern.
With Bitcoin Support and Resistance today
Resistance: Bitcoin Price $ 8800-8932 Usdt binance
Support 1d: Bitcoin Price $ 8457 Usdt binance
Support 1w: Bitcoin Price $ 8150 Usdt binance
Bitcoin prediction 1h
Next we go to the latest one, please see the picture above and don’t forget the excitement of eating Xixixi,
For old traders it is very natural that yesterday experienced a correction because the resistance is already high on the 1h bitcoin chart,
but you must remember that not always bitcoin correction especially the current bitcoin trend is very good for holders.
It could be that this week the 1coin bitcoin test support is priced at $ 8150 and rises again,
Because the bullish trend is still valid if not due to price correction demands may be flashpump hehe ,,
And it could be that once again bitcoin testing support 8450 after that it rises again, because indeed this is still the time to look for the ladder after breaking out on the 1d bitcoin chart.
Okay that’s all, hopefully it’s useful for cryptocurrency traders, because understanding the movements and being able to profit ALT must also be based on understanding the direction of bitcoin,
It’s not like trading a coin at random buying while braking between profit and trauma wkwkwk
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