Analys Bitcoin Bullish Golden Cross

Bitcoin . AMsadad.Com. The price of bitcoin today is very disappointing for cryptocurrency traders, because from yesterday the price still remained in resistance,
Bitcoin Confirmation of this Golden Cross will be the main topic today Bitcoin rising trend of at least 100 days from now.

Bitcoin 1D

Even though the price of bitcoin was corrected at 9216 usdt, it can immediately return to 9350 usdt binance, this triggers a very strong trend that can instantly create a Bitcoin Golden Cross pattern.
Bitcoin Confirmation Golden Cross is our main topic and before you continue reading for those who want to understand in this prediction please read my prediction beforehand, because it relates to the bitcoin prediction entitled Bitcoin Towards the Golden Cross post last week.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis (TA) prediction is my main capital in cryptocurrency trading and during my trading period there were a lot of events,
Hingg finally became the capital to combine Technical Analysis (TA) and bitcoin trading experience.
In last week’s prediction, I often mentioned events where the price of Bitcoin strengthened until 2017, please read the link I put above, with the capital experience that I posted and the Technical Analysis (TA) bitcoin prediction today,
Then it can be concluded today that the Price of Bitcoin Confirms the Golden Cross Bullish.

Bitcoin Bullish Golden Cross
Bitcoin Chart 1D

The above is a 1 day bitcoin chart which is the prediction of bitcoin prices for the long term or bitcoin predictions for the long term.
In the 1d bitcoin chart, there has been a decline from September 14/15 at the lowest point in bitcoin prices, 6450 usdt and until January 1, 2020,
Let’s count how many days bitcoin spends its turmoil from the beginning I mentioned above until now.
Bitcoin Death Cross on 14/15 September 2019 until the end of the year we can conclude about 115 days.
This calculation is already in the bitcoin history chart after bitcoin confirmation of death cross is read through Technical Analysis (TA),
Because line 50 crossing or crossing line 200 is read from the bitcoin chart indicator above.
So this is why bitcoin traders at least need to know Technical Analysis (TA) because this is important, recommended group learning and sharing in the telegram @trader_ITC

bitcoin goldencross bounces off
Bitcoin chart 1d

The Bitcoin Golden Cross image above is a form of at least 100 days bitcoin will remain in an uptrend,
according to the Technical Analysis (TA) calculation as I explained above, and did not rule out the possibility of a sudden bitcoin correction,
But not changing the trend of bitcoin means that prices can return to current levels due to the Bullish Golden Cross.
Golden Cross and Death Cross are the eternal rivals used by investors or long style traders, Technical Analysis (TA) is the main weapon looking for minute gaps where bitcoin will rise or fall,
Technical Analysis (TA) style is commonly used by professionals.
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